Chinese Garden Art: Knowing More About Penjing

February 3rd, 2014

Chinese Garden Art: Knowing More About Penjing

Chinese people are well-known to be talented and artistic in many different ways. While western countries have surely progressed in terms of painting and sculpting, Chinese artists have always found a way to be part on par with them. But what makes Chinese art different from western art is the fact that there other forms of artistry in China that can serve fascinating features all over the world. One particular example for this is Penjing or Penzai. For those who do not know about such artistic term, it is an ancient Chinese art that artistically creates or forms miniature trees and other plants. This kind of art is somewhat the same to Bonsai which is known as a Japanese garden art. In order to learn more about Penjing, here are a few interesting facts for you to learn.

Penjing or penzai, as a Chinese garden art, is used on classical Chinese gardens as a living sculpture or three-dimensional poetry. By producing a unique yet artistic miniature of a tree or landscape, this particular art has easily captured the hearts and attention of prominent Chinese families and royalties. The creation of penzai is totally not easy to accomplish for it needs more than talent out from any artists. Like any other art, it needs proper preparation, tools and equipment, knowledge, dedication as well as artistic sense in order for anyone to have or create their own penjing.

As mentioned earlier, this particular Chinese art is greatly similar with the arts of other Asian countries. This totally shows that this particular art may have not originated in China but it certainly is an Asian art specialty. But even with such similarities to other Asian countries, there are still some distinction that creates the gap between penjing and other Asian art that produces miniature trees and landscapes.

In general, there are three major categories that fall under such artistry. This is one aspect that totally separates penjing from other artistic activity of other countries. These categories are Tree penjing, water and land penjing and landscape penjing. Each of these categories has different factors and methods that should be greatly considered and followed by the artist. For instance, tree penjing focuses more on depicting one or more miniature trees. In order to keep such subjects to be little yet attractive, artists who have chosen to work under tree penjing uses the techniques of trimming, pruning and wiring.

When it comes to the landscape penjing, it usually tries to portray miniature landscapes by merely focusing on the whole view rather than focusing on the trees or living plants. By simple selecting and shaping the right materials such as rocks and living plants in order to make a small landscape representation, this particular penjing category can surely attract many of its viewers.

That last penjing style or category is simply the combination of the first two given categories. Though it may sound simple to achieve, artists may still need to be more cautious and delicate in doing such style for it requires the right blending in order for such artistic product to be beautifully balanced.

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Chinese Artistry: A Simple Guide For Making A Chinese Tree Penjing

February 3rd, 2014

Chinese Artistry: A Simple Guide For Making A Chinese Tree Penjing

Making a Chinese tree penjing is typically not hard to do. Although it may look delicate, it is still makeable nonetheless. All that is needed in order to do such Chinese artistry are the right tools, the right information, a little bit of artistic talent and a large dose of determination and persistence. So if you are interested in having your own tree penjing, then here are some simple and easy-to-understand guides that will help you to achieve such task.

The first guide in making a tree penjing is to select the type of tree or plant that you are going to use. In doing this particular step, you may need to greatly consider the area or environment that you are currently living. The main reason for this is because not all types of trees can survive different climate changes. There are those that can look extremely good during the summer but easily dies during the winter season while other trees are healthy cold weathers but easily fade or wither when being placed on a very humid place. Researching for some trees that can survive in your area is greatly needed in order to continue this very particular activity.

The next guide is to determine how big or how small you want your tree to be. Under normal circumstances, a tree penjing can be as small as 6 inches or it can be as big as 3 feet tall. By simply deciding what size you want to have for such creative activity, you can easily think of an area where you can place your artistic creation.

After you have decided on the type of tree and how big you want it to be, the next thing for you to do is to go to a plant nursery or botanical shop in order to select the plant that you have researched. Before you jump into the buying process, simply take time to examine the leaves of your chosen plant in order for you to know if it is healthy. If it looks greener and fresher compared to others, then it is the definitely the right plant to choose.

Selecting a pot or tray for your tree penjing is the next step to follow. This is totally an important task to do since the tray or pot that you will choose can surely have a big effect in the design and grooming factor of your tree penjing. It also helps in determining the style you have chosen for your Chinese art.

Once you are set with the right pot and the right plant, then it is the time that you design your tree penjing. By properly trimming down unnecessary twigs and branches as well as wiring those tree parts that are needed to be wired, you can certainly shape your tree penjing on the style that you want. After the designing is all done, it is then the time for you to pot your chosen plant in order to finish such artistic activity. When everything is all finished, you can then be proud of yourself for having successfully created a particular Chinese art in the form of a Chinese tree penjing.

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Traditional Chinese Paintings- The Legacy of such Art

January 20th, 2014

Traditional Chinese Paintings- The Legacy of such Art

The long and rich filled history of China has never been a big secret to be covered up by its government. Hence, it has been endorsed all over the world and has become a formal subject for most schools. Among the topics found in the Chinese history are their beautiful and attractive traditions and art. Since these factors contribute a very big impact to the way Chinese people live, it is only essential to tackle such topics that are directly connected to it.

Among all forms of Chinese art introduced in the worldwide community, traditional Chinese paintings are among the most attractive and influential of them all. Created through the times where the dynasty era reigns supreme all over China, such particular painting has given not only amusement to its viewers but also livelihood and deep sense of tradition for the country. Until today, this old-fashioned Chinese art still remains undisputed in the hearts of the locals and even foreigners as well. Serving as a living truth for such fact is a scenery of a Traditional Chinese Painting store that is commonly seen in the busy streets of Chinese markets and local areas.

Even with the massive changes brought by modernization and technological advancement, Chinese people still remain true and loyal to their local art. Though flashes of modern style painting have slowly entered their territorial waters, the bond that the locals have to their beliefs and artistic traditions still remains a strong foothold. For them, such artistry has given them their personality and it is only essential to give back to the founding roots of their art industry by advertising and promoting traditional Chinese paintings all over the world through the use of any advertising means. This is the main reason why there is even a Traditional Chinese Painting online shop present in the internet today. In any given circumstances, the legacy of such outdated Chinese art still carries on even in the present times.

As it has been mentioned earlier that modern style of painting has been slowly climbing up in the interest of most Chinese people, modern painters still base their creations to traditional subjects. This only proves that even with a new style and technique introduced, a Chinese painter’s strong sense of tradition still remains untouchable. In any case, the changes that have been introduced to Chinese culture mainly serve as a new breed of inspiration and option to further enhance and advertise the beauty and character of traditional paintings.

Traditional Chinese paintings are no doubt truly remarkable. Although it has been mentioned above that a specific store is offering Traditional Chinese Paintings online, it is still not enough to measure the popularity and legacy that this particular Chinese art has. With this much support and admiration, it only proves that the existence of traditional Chinese paintings will surely continue for the next generation to witness.

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Space Saving Tips For Homeowners

January 20th, 2014

Space Saving Tips For Homeowners

Have you been on the run for finding extra spaces in your home where you can put additional stuff in? If you can’t find another spare area in your home because the dimensions are already utilized at maximum capacity, this could be a logical reason. However, it could also be the other way around, meaning that the current interior arrangement does not maximize well the capacity of the dimensions of your home and all you need to do is to plan another rearranging activity or better yet consult the aid of professional interior designers.

However, put of the busy lifestyle and the financial constraints that many homeowners face, it could be quite hard for one to allot ample time in planning and conducting another rearranging activity, time which could have been used for work and family. Also, hiring the aid of professional interior designers could be a drag in the financial aspect knowing that most of us are doing every possible way to save money for future use. However, this does not mean it is impossible to get the space issue off the table. Here are some of the free and smart ways to save up additional space even in your fully-occupied home.

Ever wondered how to get rid of all those big shoe racks without having to send those footwear away? If you have wooden staircases, try remodeling them into individual push-drawers. With these compartments just concealed in the free space of your stairs, you can have the freedom of arranging all the footwear you have, one drawer for each type.

If your house is frequently accepting stay-in guests, then problem concerning extra spaces to put their stuff on is a normal issue here. Most probably, you are planning to buy additional furniture for your guestroom such as cabinets or drawers. However, haven’t it come into your mind that the space under the bed is not utilized at all? Then it is the perfect opportunity for you to save money while at the same time to impress your guests with your smart interior ideas. Turn the free space under your guestroom’s bed into a wonderful cabinet or drawer.

Do you have space issues with your wardrobes? Did it turn out fully occupied with all your clothes hanged individually? All you need to do to get more space is to collect all those tin can openers which normally have 2 separate holes if you detach them completely from the can. You must put one hanger neck inside one of these holes to serve as the base hanger after which can stick in another hanger on the remaining hole. With this, you can hang two separate clothes at the same time just by using one hanging space.

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Maximize Your Bedroom Space With These Smart Tips

January 20th, 2014

Maximize Your Bedroom Space With These Smart Tips

The bedroom is one of the most essential parts of any home. Aside from giving family members the privacy that everyone needs, the bedroom is the very place where we lay our heads down and drown ourselves to sleep in order to recover the strength and vigor that we have spent from a whole day’s work or activity.

However, what would you feel if you come home and went straight to the bedroom only to find yourself stuck in a crowded and narrow place? It would surely turn your relaxing expectation into frustration. No matter how homeowners wish to make their bedrooms larger in size, financial constraints may hinder them from achieving what they want.

However, there are still many ways to try in order to fully utilize your bedroom space without even enlarging the dimension of your room. Many interior designers and experienced home decorators have given free tips and smart solutions to bedroom spacing problems. While many of these tips entail some sort of renovation, some also needs just a bit of rearranging and proper placement of things.

The very first thing that you must consider is the bed itself. If you think that your bed is a bit bigger relative to the size of your room, or that it is more than enough to cater your relaxation, then it is the perfect opportunity for you to replace it with a smaller one. There are many bargains and barter trades in the online store. Aside from getting what you really want, you may also earn a little profit out of exchanging your bigger bed for a smaller one.

Do you have tons of clothes and stuff that you keep in your drawers that such type of furniture becomes indispensable? Think again because you can opt to keep all your things in a storage which you can keep under your bed. You can either remake the underside of your bed into a multi-drawer or you can keep your stuff in fashion-inspired chests which you can push right under your bed.

Have you ever come across the idea of installing Murphy Beds? This type of bed is the one which you can automatically fix into your wall when you don’t need it thereby giving extra floor space that you can use for your indoor activities. Whenever you feel the need to rest, you can pull it down anytime and it will be ready to cater you.

The bedroom is a place where you deserve to relax and feel comfortable. Don’t let the disarray and narrow space deprive you of what you deserve.

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Ideas That Could Solve Common Household Problems

January 20th, 2014

Ideas That Could Solve Common Household Problems

A home can never be immaculately clean all the time. Whether we like it or not, there are times when things get disarranged and some get into places they never should be. Family members may not be well oriented with proper house grooming and if they were, time will deprive them of the chance to put the things back to proper places after using. Also, kids love to play around all the time without the thought of cleaning up the mess they made after their playtime. That is why the house, as much as you’d like it to be clean and well-arranged as always, cannot keep up to your expectations.

Because of these common household problems, many homeowners have created ingenious ways and solutions to lessen the burden of turning back the home into its cozy and relaxing ambience. Some of you might think of buying new and expensive equipment of installing additional compartments but that is not the way it should be. Life hacking tips are those methods or solutions made smartly to attend to common routinely problems we face every day. Here are some of the best life hackers that you would surely love to try.

Having problems with all the tangled wirings? Extension wires, charger wires, and similar others have this strong tendency to get tangled up every time they are put together in one place. To solve this issue, all you need to do is to collect a dozen of tissue cardboard rolls and put them side by side in a box. You can put on type of wire to one cardboard roll and the next time you will have to use wires again, you don’t have to waste your time untangling them.

Ever got frustrated with a zipper in your jeans which always runs down? To fix this problem, you only need a simple key holder. Lock the key holder to the zipper hole and then pull the zipper up until the key holder gets locked up to the button of the jeans. This way, your zipper can never go down without your permission.

If you get stressed up early in the morning because your sunny-side-up does not go well with the shape that you expect it to be, then cut a medium-sized or a large-sized onion and make a ring out of it. Heat the pan and drizzle in the oil as you put your onion ring in the center of the pan. Gently pour in the egg and wait for it to come out as a perfectly shaped round sunny-side-up that you’ve always wanted.

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Characteristics of Porcelain Vases

August 8th, 2013

Characteristics of Porcelain Vases
Porcelain vases may be one of the oldest vases that you can see in the market today. With their first appearance recorded during the Han dynasty of China, you can expect that these porcelain vases are old yet stylish and glamorous. Typically, vase junkies prefer to choose porcelain vases because of the rich history implanted in them but aside from that, the characteristics of this kind of vase is what makes them most interested with porcelain vases.
Porcelain vases range in different shapes as well as in sizes. This means that it can contain different types of flowers with different sizes of stems. But what is more fascinating about porcelain vases is its glossing ability. Because this type of vase is well polished during its creation, it has gained a shiny and smooth surface that can emit certain brightness even in dimmer areas. With this ability alone, porcelain vases are already attractive to the eyes even if it has less color or design embedded on it. Applying different decorative materials on porcelain vases for different special occasions will not cover its natural beauty. In any case, it adapts to the decorative materials being put in it and emits much more beautiful sight that can really leave a mark on any of your visitors.
The durability aspect of porcelain vases may vary directly to the owners themselves since they are the ones who are going to take care of these decorative items. But nevertheless, compared to glass and ceramic type of vases, porcelains are thicker. With its thickness, it can generally absorb more impact which leads to less damage. However, porcelain vases are still considered fragile so proper handling of these things is a must.
With the smooth texture that they have, porcelain vases are way easier to clean and maintain compared to other types of vases. With this kind of characteristic combined with the usage of various alternative and homemade cleaning products, home owners will not have to face any trouble with regards to removing stains and dirt as well as maintaining the cleanliness and high value of their porcelain vases.
When comparing the price range of different vases, porcelain may not be the cheapest among all types but it certainly is affordable. In any sense, buying porcelain vases over glass or ceramics may be a good choice if you want to save more money for the long run. Along with its abilities and characteristics, you will surely not regret choosing porcelain vases as your decorative materials.

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Basic Components of Education In Canada

March 18th, 2013




Basic Components of Education In Canada
Education is actual very important in every part of the world. That is why government of each country and of each state needs to work hard and plan education strategies very well. Education is the primary and the very crucial part of a country’s economy. This is true, even in Canada, where most portion of education is funded mostly by the government locally, provincially and by the federal power. The government also plays as the overseer of the publicly provided education in Canada. The educational system under the provincial power is overseen by the province as well as its whole curriculum.
Canada implements a compulsory education for its people in every province up to the age of 16 years old. The Canadian education is generally being divided according to levels of education like the primary education, secondary and of course the post-secondary education level. However, there are also few provinces that have raised the compulsory education to the age bracket of 18 years old. The provinces include Ontario, Manitoba, New Brunswick. Some provinces would allow or grant early leave at 14 years old.
There are actually 190 official school day in 1 year, but in Quebec there are only 180 school days a year. Classes would then start after the Labour Day celebration, which is in September, and then ends usually on the last Friday of June, or in Quebec, before the provincial holiday celebrated in June 24.
The Canadian education however differs according to each of its provinces. If ever you are on a decision of transferring or attaining education in Canada, make sure you check out the educational system in each province first.
Just like in Ontario, the biggest province in Canada. In this province, they tend to spend the most money for the post secondary education level. Given that they have the most number of Canadians compared to the other provinces having post secondary education. This province also holds the largest workforce in all of Canada in terms of education and with other related fields. Some other provinces lacking investment on education compared to Ontario have a much lower salary average. There are few factors that may affect the average salary in Canada, and that includes the educational attainment of an individual. This then clearly means that the spending allotted for the post secondary education in Canada will result to a number of residents earning their degree and added workforce in empowering education will greatly affect the yearly income of the Canadians of one province.

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Different Ways for an Effective Learning

January 14th, 2013


Different Ways for an Effective Learning
Students are having hard time in coping up with their lessons nowadays. Well, it depends on the student though but most of them are having hard time understanding what is being taught. Some reasons might be lack of concentration during class hours, this occurs mostly and there are so many reasons why this happens. One main reason is that a student is undergoing a certain problem at most in their family or friends. Parents play a major role on how their child grows into becoming a better person and it should be taught properly.
When talking about a person’s growth, there are factors to consider. How a child grows affect their performance in school, encouraging and motivating your child instead of yelling bad mouths can do a big help. But what are the other ways to help students bring the best out of their selves? What are the secrets that could make your child understand that education is important for them?
First of all, to help your child to be focusing on his/her studies, parents need to motivate their child into getting the urge of learning. Parents should also give encouraging words like “you can do it” whenever their children feels down or got a bad mark. Screaming won’t do well at them and it could worsen the condition and performance of their child. It’s more likely comparable to a crying baby where the more you do noise, the more loudly it weeps.
Second is, let them choose what they want. It’s important to give your children a freedom on which or what they really want. A child would likely excel better in a field that they want rather than the field that you want. This can be mostly applied in choosing what course they should take and this happens often. Some students do not excel because they do not like what they are taking up and the fact that their parents just forced them to take that.
Teach them the hard way. They say, experience is the best teacher of them all. It’s true; experience does everything that a teacher could ever teach to their student. With experience, test comes first before learning and it is the opposite of studying in school. There’s nothing we can do with this, but we can really say that a student or any person can be at its best when he/she have tried it already and have learned from his/her experience.
There are other ways for an effective learning and it is for the student to discover those things by him/herself.

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Educational Tips for Revising Exam Lectures

January 14th, 2013



Educational Tips for Revising Exam Lectures
Student, both in college and in high school would always cram up when exam day is near. Focusing on the books and on the references given is the main thing to do to start revisions or shorten up every lecture that is going to be included in the exam. Some might even study only a night before the exam, which might actually just stress you out.
I have here three tips on how to do effective note revisions to help you up with the exam and achieve a great grade.
First is you need to know that the best time to do revisions is in the morning around 9 O’clock. This is because your mind is still relaxed from the good night sleep you had. But make sure that you sleep well the night before you plan t revise.
The main point here is to study at a time where you feel good and on the mood to use up all the spaces on your brain cells.
In fact there are even those studies that shows a positive result on students who studies in the morning compare to those who studies in the evening. Because by the night, you brain will be too exhausted to even take up some information from your lessons.
The second to connect the topic you are studying to that of what happens in the real life or mainly associating the word you read and visualizing the phenomenon that includes in your subject being studied.
They say that this type of method can further be developed when playing mnemonics or word association games. This is good on to be practiced on a group study.
And the third tip is to test yourself in all possible ways that you can come up with. Like for example when you are walking a long road, think of pop questions and answer them by yourself if you don’t know the answer, its best to have a quick glance on your revised copy.
Another way to practice the third tip is to have friends ask you questions related to the possible exam questions. Or exchange questions with each other. You would just be learning, but you’ll enjoy it even more.
It is true that reviewing for an exam is tough, but it can be overcome if you have the will to do so. Eating healthy can also help to place your body in a good condition, and your brain in to a better function.

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